Strep Throat in Adults

Anyone can get strep throat along with a cold or flu. Although children and teenagers are the ones who regularly get this form of infection, adults can also get strep throat. Strep throat in adults is considered to be more difficult to treat. Firstly, it is very important to determine exactly which type of bacteria is responsible for the infection.

Usually, strep throat occurs due to infection with group A streptococcus bacteria and the infection can be overcome by following a treatment with antibiotics. Unlike in the case of most children with the illness, strep throats in adults (especially those with ages over 40) are more severe. This is due to the fact that the immune system of older adults can’t cope with the infection just as well the immune system of children. Although children get strep throat a lot easier and more often than adults, they usually recover from illness a lot sooner. Strep throat in adults can also cause serious complications if the local infection is left untreated or the treatment is not appropriate for the type of bacteria that causes the infection.

Plenty of rest and special care – these are the keys for quickly overcoming any form of strep throat. However, due to stressful and demanding lifestyles, insufficient time and personal health neglect, strep throat in adults is often very pronounced.

Strep throat in adults is manifested through the following symptoms difficulty in swallowing, painful throat, loss of appetite, swollen lymphatic glands (the glands in the upper region of the neck), swollen and irritated tonsils (sometimes they may be covered in pus), fever, nausea, stomach pain and discomfort. Although high body temperature is usually the major sign of bacterial infection, strep throat in adults doesn’t necessarily include fever. Also, while tonsillitis can occur as a complication of strep throat in children, strep throat in adults may lead to pharingitis.

Strep throat in adults can be very difficultly tolerated. Adults’ immune system and their resistance to bacteria and viruses are diminished with age. Adults over 40 may recover a lot harder from strep throat.

Due to their busy schedules, adults with strep throat may refuse to pay a visit to the doctor’s, deciding instead to take left-over drugs and antibiotics in their household. This is a big mistake, as inappropriate medication can cause a lot more harm than good. Through inappropriate self medication, strep throat in adults can only aggravate. Also, the bacteria responsible for causing the infection may become resistant to antibiotics, thus reducing the effects of further medical treatments.

Adults should understand that strep throat can become a serious illness if it is not appropriately dealt with. Therefore, adults with strep throat need to make time for an appropriate medical examination and follow a specific treatment prescribed by a professional. Also, in order to quickly recover from strep throat, adults should note the importance of good rest, sleep and diet.